Sunday, January 26, 2014

Scripture Treat Handout with Hershey's Nuggets

I found these cute scripture treat handouts and had to make them when I was preparing a Relief Society lesson from Boyd K. Packer on "The Key to Spiritual Protection".

I used two Hershey's Chocolate Almond Nuggets, Some Black and red card stock and a white scripture saying measuring 2 x 1.10 inches if you want to make your own OR  I'm conveniently attaching a link to my Google docs to print a sheet of 21 scriptures. The scripture is 2 Timothy 3:16 in the link below though the pictures have the wrong verse #, oops.

I didn't measure my cut for the black or red card stock I just eye balled it.  Glue your red scripture marker down first using the glue stick.  Then use double sided adhesive to glue down the nuggets and the scripture quote.

I think they turned out great... everyone loved them during Relief Society... also a great Visiting Teaching Handout.


  1. Thanks for this darling idea...I made it for my Primary kiddos and they loved it! By the way, one of the kids in my class looked up the scripture and it is not correct on your post, it should be verse 16, not 17. FYI

    1. Glad you like it... I can't believe I have the wrong verse I will have to fix that.

  2. This is so very cool. I am going to have to make some of there. Thanks!! :-)

  3. I am doing this activity tomorrow night at my Wednesday Night Bible Study at church. I am typing up various Bible Verses am working on helping the kids memorize. I have been talking about the importance of hiding God's word in our hearts and this will be a wonderful trigger and encouragement for them to do so.

    Plan to send home a note with their bibles saying that once they have memorized the verses, and recited it an adult family member without reading or being helped with clues, they can eat one of the candy pieces. The next time they recite to a different adult, can do the same.

    Planning to allow the kids to make 2 or 3 bibles tomorrow night. I am sure this will be a lesson they will be pressuring me to repeat, repeat, repeat, each week! I will change it up to books of the bible possibly in the future sometime.

  4. This is perfect for this weeks Primary lesson on what one (kids) might find in a treasure chest - the scriptures. Thank you so much. MY CTR class is going to LOVE this.

  5. Thanks so much. I just made these for my son who is on his mission in Poland. I used the Polish Book of Mormon. I looked the verses up in Google translator, and the English Book of Mormon. I typed the scriptures and then added the accents and etc. This was fun.

  6. thanks for the measurements! Made making mine more simple!

  7. Hi Sis,
    Were having a formal for our teenagers Sat, Sept 23, 2017 is there any way possible that you can make a link that contains the scripture at Ecc. 12:1 so that we can print it out for our scripture treat Hershey nuggets I know its short notice! Thanks in advance Sis hope to hear from you soon. You can sent the link to my email address

  8. These are absolutely adorable, and great for teaching verses. I'll be making these for Easter, but I'll put a scripture about his resurrection on it. This will be a fun way to teach my 2 year old more about Jesus. Thanks for sharing this great idea. I'll mention it on my site,

  9. This looks so cute! I can't wait to try this with the mutual that I am planning, this will work perfectly, because I am doing a scriture themed activity, It is a competion too, so this will work well for the rewards, thanks so much! :) I know everyone will enjoy them, great idea!